How To Connect - Downloads

Step 1 - Create Your Account
Go to our Account Panel Page and create your account by filling the registration form.
In case of error a red box will appear, if everything are right then a green box will appear and a txt with your account information will become downloadable.

Note: It is mandatory to use your real e-mail adress, because in case of account lost our team won't be able to restore your account access.

Step 2 - Download our Client
Here are the mirror-links with our Client (~5GB):
Client-Mirror 1-Google Drive Client - Mirror 2 -
Download Updater

Note: Our Server is not an ordinary server which you can find out there, so our client is unique. Please download it from the above link to avoid any crashes or errors during play-time.

Step 4 - Starting the game
You can run our Updater or starting the game through our system folder, it's up to you!

Note: We totally recommend to run our updater every time before entering in-game in order to stay updated with any updates/upgrades!
Note2: Please, do not use any kind of extra-patches along with our patch cause the system will automatically block you before entering in-game!